FAQS Customer Service

  1. Where can I get information about routes and rates?
  2. Your account executive can help; if you don't already have an account executive, please contact Sales at 800 33 77 663 option 2 + segment for the contact information of the person that can help you, you should have the following information at hand: Origin, Destination, Product, Tonnage and Frequency.

  3. How do I get a username for the website?
  4. Please complete the following online form.

  5. How can I locate a unit?
  6. You can locate units online at e–Ferromex.

    Enter your username and password, from the menu select the option Consult Events and select "consult total journey", you will need to enter the unit number(s) and the last event will be shown as well as the estimated arrival time.

    If you are not the consignee or you are not mentioned in the waybill, contact Customer Service at 800 33 77 663.

  7. How long does it take for units documented online to be reflected in a waybill?
  8. This takes approximately 5 minutes. If any error is detected, the e-business department will notify the user that completed the documentation online by email.

  9. What are the requirements for documenting units carrying hazardous products? (Applies only to Chemical products)
  10. You will need to provide, together with the documentation, an emergency sheet for this to be captured prior to documenting the units. Please send this information to: ebusiness@ferromex.mx

  11. What do I do if I can't get onto the website?
  12. You should contact Customer Service at 800 33 77 663 option 4 or send an email with the error message to: ebusiness@ferromex.mx

  13. How can I request units for freight?
  14. The first step is to contact an account executive, because you can only be assigned a unit if a tariff has been authorized.

    Most of our customers can request cars online. If your company has not yet migrated to this system, you will need to fill out a form and send it to  solicitud_carro@ferromex.mx, noting that for domestic service, cars need to be requested 5 days in advance, and units for exportation need to be requested 15 days in advance.

  15. Can I add to or reduce my car requirements requested online?
  16. Yes, provided this is done at least 5 days in advance of the date the cars are required and 15 days in advance for units for exportation.

  17. What units do I have assigned to my order?
  18. If your company submits orders online, the same page will show you the units assigned. If you send a form by email, you will need to call your customer service segment. For more information, please call 800 33 77 663 option 1 + segment.

  19. What is the procedure for rejecting a unit that doesn't meet the requirements?
  20. Empty units that are placed at industry for loading can be rejected provided you send a rejection form to solicitud_carro@ferromex.mx within 12 hours of the unit being placed. You will need to include a photo that clearly shows the reason for the rejection.

  21. What is a documentation pattern and who registers this?
  22. A documentation pattern is a waybill that is preloaded into the Ferromex system (origin, destination, sender, consignee, Tariff, Customs Agents, etc.) so that when you go online, you only need to add certain information such as the car number, the seals, and the ZVP.

    It is recommended that the registry be requested 24-48 hours before you are going to document as this information needs to be validated. It is very important to remember that without a pattern, you will not be able to document.

  23. What does it mean if my documentation patterns are marked with red or yellow?
  24. This is a quick way of identifying whether the tariffs on your documentation patterns have expired (marked in red) or are about to expire (marked in yellow). You will need to contact your account executive to process the updating of these tariffs. Any mark in red means you will not be able to document. It is therefore recommended that you contact your account executive when the marks are yellow in order to prevent any delay in documentation.

  25. Who is responsible for the maintenance of private tracks?
  26. The owner of the private track is responsible for its maintenance. Ferromex conducts annual or semiannual inspections to check the physical condition of the tracks to ensure they provide the operating safety necessary.
    Each industry should have a contractor specialized in track maintenance and have a maintenance program to keep their tracks in good condition.

  27. How much free time do I have to present the documentation for exportation?
  28. If the units are documented on Ferromex lines, you have 24 hours to present the documentation at the border. If the units are documented with another railroad, you have 24 hours from when the units are received at the interchange.

  29. What happens if the customs documentation is not presented on time?
  30. The customer/Customs Agent will be responsible for the demurrage generated from the customs documentation being presented late, and also the units may be detained prior to their arrival at the border, depending on the route, to avoid units arriving at the interchange and causing traffic problems.

    The units will be released from detention when the customer or the Customs Agent has settled the charges corresponding.

  31. Can Ferromex execute movements within my industry?
  32. Yes, provided you request this through the other services form, as the rental of a locomotive is required, which is charged to the customer.

  33. Where can I consult the distance from one station to another?
  34. On our website www.ferromex.com.mx under the Tools menu, you'll find the option: Distance Calculator; simply select an origin and a destination.

  35. How do I process a permit to unload on public tracks?
  36. You will need to notify the relevant segment at Customer Service by calling 800 33 77 663 option 1 + segment, preferably 24 hours in advance of the estimated date for placement as these permits are processed with the accounting department. If the customer has no debts, the permit is granted, otherwise the customer is required to contact billing in order to settle the amount outstanding.

  37. What is needed to register a new customer?
  38. If the business is Mexican, copy of the TaxId (RFC), proof of address (dated within the past 90 days and the information must match the TaxId), copy of a piece of identification for the person responsible for traffic. A form must also be completed.

  39. Where can I get the tare and the load limit for the cars?
  40. You can consult it in our section How do we move freight? or call 800 33 77 663 option 3