The Carrusel (carousel) train program is an extension of the programs offered by the UP and BNSF railroads in the USA (Grain Shuttle Train Program), which consist of dedicated trains with 75, 100 or 110 cars which are moved as a unit train from a single origin in the USA or Canada to a single destination in Mexico. To participate in the program as a recipient in Mexico, you must have the infrastructure necessary to receive the train with a single movement for placement and removal. The train has a free time of 24 hours to be unloaded before demurrage charges are applied. Carusel trains are eligible for incentives as defined by the American Railroads when unloading times are met.

The operating efficiencies achieved at origin, en route, and at destination make it possible for the railroad to offer economic rates which together with the incentives for meeting the loading and unloading times, make this program the most economic option for importing agricultural products into Mexico through our border points.

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